Stephanie Gayle (formerly known as Steph, The Sapphic Songstress) is a Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Fine Artist from P.G. County, Maryland. She began writing music at the tender age of 8, and began producing her own music at age 16. By 18, she decided to move to New York to get her degree in Fine Arts and simultaneously pursue her music career. Since then, Stephanie has performed frequently around New York City and across the U.S. in places such as Bowery Poetry Club, Knitting Factory NYC (opening for hip hop sensation CunninLynguists), Highline Ballroom and B.B. King Blues Club (with QN5 Music). She also makes frequent cameos on other artists’ projects. In January 2008, she made two appearances on the critically acclaimed QN5 release Sacrifice from fellow Maryland MC Substantial (”My Favorite Things” and “Hood Hope“). In 2012, she appeared on two more tracks from Substantial’s third LP, Home Is Where The Art Is (“See Hear” and “The Verge”). She also collaborated with Mr. SOS for his 2009 debut LP How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb (”The Balance” and “Time Capsule“) and appeared on his 2011 mixtape Cassette Verite (“Tired Of Living” produced by Deacon The Villain of CunninLynguists). More recently, Stephanie has been working extensively with super duo Bop Alloy. She has made multiple appearances on both of their releases, including their 2010 debut album Substantial and Marcus D are Bop Alloy, 2011’s The R&R: Remixes and Revisions, and 2012’s Another Day In The Life. Steph has also worked with Tonedeff, PackFM, Inverse, Cashmere The Professional, George Reefah, Naturel, and many others to name a few.

Stephanie hit a milestone in her career on April 3, 2012 when she released her much-anticipated debut album The SapphicSoul EP via her Twelfth Sign Entertainment imprint. The album features notable acts such as Substantial, Bop Alloy, 4Phor, KIN4LIFE, Javier Starks, Mr. SOS, and Toby (formerly of Inverse). In the summer of 2012, Steph continued her trend of making more guest appearances with the 2012 release of Marcus D’s Melancholy Hopeful album. She also worked U.R.C. aka Urban Romantic City of South Korea, and Avens of Denmark, among others. Steph also added her vocal contribution to the score for 2015’s indie film, Licks ( In 2017, she was featured on three tracks on longtime collaborator Substantial’s fourth LP, The Past Is Always Present In The Future (“Made In Maryland”, “Party With A Purpose”, and “Wish U Were Here”). In 2018, she made a guest appearance on Substantial’s first instrumental album, The Garden (Beyond The Stage” featuring Uyama Hiroto).

On February 8, 2019, she released her debut LP, Songs About V, again under her imprint, Twelfth Sign Entertainment. The album chronicles a true-life love affair between Stephanie and a woman named “V”, one that takes the listener on extreme highs and lows, in ways only love can do. The music acts as a backdrop to each chapter of the story, evoking a wide variety of emotions and feelings felt while the story unfolds. In essence, this is a story of love found, love lost, and love found again.

Her latest album only marks the beginning for Stephanie Gayle, and she has shown no signs of letting up. Keep looking for new material from this budding artist.


  1. Hi
    I was at the Billies Black last night and purchased your CD. I listen to it all the home to Jersey – over and over and over again(smile). Those two songs were wonderful, I am so sorry I had never had the pleasure of listening to your music. I am now your biggest fan.Please let me know when the CD comes out so I can purchase it. I wish you the best of luck. I will spread the word so that your fan base can continue to grow. WOW! it is so nice to hear real talent. Do you do weddings? My best friend is getting married next year, you would be perfect. Remember, keep God first and he will make all of your dreams come true.

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