Hello world!

Hey Beautiful People!

I am currently updating my blog – I apologize for the inconvenience. It should be ready sometime this week. When it is ready, I will let everyone know…somehow. If you don’t get my memo, simply check back here next week (if you are excited enough to remember). For those who don’t know me already, let me tell you about myself…

I am Steph, vocally known as Steph, The Sapphic Songstress. I am an R&B singer from Brooklyn, NY, by way of Prince George’s County, MD; if you haven’t guessed yet, I’m a lesbian. Don’t think that my music isn’t meant to reach others, because I have fans from all walks of life. My music is meant to create dialogue and bring people together. I’ve worked with artists such as Substantial, Naturel, RNB, Ro, E-Lo, and many others. I recently made two guest appearances on Substantial’s latest LP, Sacrifice (“My Favorite Things” and “Hood Hope“), who has been added to URB Magazine‘s NEXT 100 List. I am currently working on my first album and EP entitled The SapphicSoul EP.

If you want to hear some of my music, feel free to visit my MySpace profile.

As I said earlier, updates on the blog are coming soon. Other than that, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this. I hope you visit again soon!

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