9 Opinions

Everyone knows I sings, and many people know I love women…if you didn’t, now you know. But, that’s all you really know about me. So this is your chance to get to know a little more about me outside of my music. I’m going to share with you 9 random opinions I have about life, politics, pop culture, and anything else I can think of. Wanna know more about me? Take note:


1. Barack Obama is not the savior of the Black race, or the U.S.A. Sure, if he becomes president, it’ll mark a step in a positive direction, but let’s look at what New York City did to David Dinkins; he had so many great ideas that he could not impliment because the city (i.e. the NYPD and the FDNY) did not support him, so they ran him out. There are countless other examples (Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry comes to mind…), but I have 8 other opinions to point out.

2. I won’t vote until my ballot REALLY counts. In 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote, but for some reason a little panel called the electoral college voted George Walker Bush into office. Aren’t they supposed to represent our voice? We said one thing, and they went in the opposite direction. Hope they’re kicking themselves right now.

3. Republicans flip flop just as much as any other party. Case and point, this video:

…need I say more, ladies and gentlemen?

4. Ice T saying that Soulja Boy “single-handedly killed Hip Hop” is a bit over the top. I mean, I’m not a fan of him by any means, and the Superman is a dumb dance, but Soulja Boy brings the element of “fun” and “dancing” back into Hip Hop and music, and that’s cool with me. His rhymes are wack, but getting people to dance in the club once again is great for the culture.

5. Hip Hop is not dead, but the music industry certainly is sucking the life out of it! How many non-talented, wannabe thug rappers/jiggaboos with no true sense of Hip Hop history do we really need? There is a fair amount of great MCs out there who can really revive the Hip Hop music industry, and they’re not all clean cut or politically correct. Who? Well, let’s see…Pumpkinhead, Immortal Technique (he will rip you apart!!), Wordsworth, Substantial (plug!), Session (a very dirty MC), PackFM, Tonedeff (the best flow in Hip Hop. Period!), and countless others can do more than keep Hip Hop alive and kicking, so stop worrying about how much money you can suck out of these acts via ringtones and really, really give them a chance!

6. Ethanol needs to become the new gas of choice for cars, like RIGHT NOW! Even one of the richest oil tycoons in Texas agrees (I’m sure it’s something else for him to capitalize on, but hey…)! There are 42 states in the U.S. that grow corn, more than enough to sustain us and the economy for a looong time-so, ummm, what’s th holdup…? Someone please explain it to me.

7. If the Jews can get reparations, then dammit, so can we! 23 trillion isn’t too much to ask, is it? I mean, this country killed over a 100 million Africans and other people of color during the last 500 years, and continues to infect our children, so 23 trillion is simply a drop in the bucket compared to the blood you’ve spilled…but, that’s just me.

8. Church and state should remain separated. Not everyone in this country is a Christian, at least the last time I checked. And please get your facts straight: Pilgrims came to this country to escape religious persecution and practice any religion they chose freely. I believe a relationship with God, or The Most High, is personal. We have Atheists and even Satanists living in this country, and as long as they’re not harming anyone (like some of you pro-Life activists like to), allow them to be who they are; it’s really none of your business. Gays and lesbians are included in this.

9. Marriage is not solely a Christian institution. Frankly, I think the process of getting married in this country is ridiculous. You need a marriage license to get hitched…what??? A lifelong relationship is sacred and nothing on a piece of paper, or anyone outside of that relationship, should define that.


This is merely a tiny bit of who I am-I can’t apologize if it offended you.

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