An Old Favorite Of Mine

I’d had this video for a while now, but was unable to post it up on YouTube, back when you could only put up 100 MBs of video-which is absolutely TERRIBLE. Now, that they’ve finally come to their senses and now allow 1024 MBs of video memory, I have uploaded this particular video to share with y’all.

This video is a portion of a performance I did at the 169 Bar (aka “The Blood Bucket” circa 1900) back in December 2007. I did four song, including one cover-Phil Collins’ “Another Day In Paradise”-the song covered in this clip. A piece of “Loverstruck” is in here, as well (once I can afford editing equipment, I’ll do it justice, but for now just bear with it). After that song is the Phil Collins cover. To me, it was one of my best performances to date (the other being a performance at The Knitting Factory with Substantial). The subject of homelessness is a serious one that really concerns me; it’s almost like a contagious disease in New York City, and even worse in Newark, NJ and San Francisco, CA. It was a small place and a small crowd, but the energy was high. I put much of my soul into it, so I hope you can see it from this point of view (i.e. via YouTube). Watch, sing along, and be moved by this. Peace, SapphicSoul Fam!

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