The 1st Annual QBC International Film Festival – Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, 2008

First off, let me just make one important notation here: I’M BACK!!!

Where was I? Well, I lost internet service at my place of residence for about 3 agonizing months! Other than that, I have been working two jobs (three if you count my thriving music career) to keep this boat afloat. So yeah, life has been throwing a few curve balls lately, but now I’m back, and it’s a blessing to be able to bring you, once again, my sapphic point of view. Much love, fam!

Now, what this entry is really all about is my dear friend, Angel Brown‘s, new festival: The 1st Annual Queer Black Cinema International Film Festival! Yes, it is going down from Thursday October 30, 2008 through Sunday November 2, 2008. There will be live performances, food, drinks, music, films (duh!), and much more! Come down to the Brecht Forum in Manhattan and see what it’s all about!

The schedule is below…take a gander! 🙂

ALL SCREENINGS & Performances WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE BRECHT FORUM | 451 West Street (between Bank & Bethune Streets, New York, NY 10014 (West street is across from the west side highway) Click here for directions


QBC Acoustic Soul Social Network Event (6:30 PM—10 PM)

Mix and mingle with filmmakers, festival programmers, distribution companies and industry professionals with the sounds of live acoustic instruments being played and performance by an eclectic group of emerging LGBT artist .

Be sure to bring your business cards, black berries, video I pod and what ever you need to pitch next project.

NOTE: *$5 suggested donation. No one will be turned away. Performance by Monica McIntyre, Tyran Gem & Selema $5


still black: a portrait of black transmen |2008, USA, Video, Color (NEW YORK PREMIERE)

Dir. Kortney Ryan Ziegler | Producer Awilda Rodriguez Lora

alternative feature-length documentary that explores the lives of six black

transgender men living in the United States. Through the intimate stories of

their lives as artists, students, husbands, fathers, lawyers, and teachers, the

film offers viewers a complex and multi-faceted image of race, sexuality and trans identity.

Short film:

They Dir. Ignacio Rivera | 2008, USA, video, color
They is an experimental short, using archival footage, about one person’s journey fluid and loose gender expression.

Includes Q&A Reception w/ filmmakers & live music to follow | program trt 2 hour


Dreams Deferred: The Sakia Gunn Project | 2007, USA, Video, color TRT 55

Dir. Charles B. Brack distributed by Third World Newsreel (TWN. org)

A documentary honoring the life of Sakia Gunn, a 15 year old aggressive who

was killed in a gay hate crime, Dreams Deferred investigates the effects of her

loss on family, friends, and other LGBT youth of color.

Short film:

Good Looking Out Dir. C. Sala Hewitt | 2007, USA, TRT 12 mins.
In Good Looking Out, Sala tells the story of two women in love adjusting to a new live-in relationship when street violence and harassment threaten their safety and peace of mind.

Includes Tribute to LGBT youth of color and Q&A


“DARE TO BE YOU!” BONUS Festival Centerpiece (3PM)

Enter the “Dare To Be You!” Video Contest now! The mission is to redefine the negative stereotypes and myths of identifying as a Black LGBTQ person of color in the US & around the world. The top 5 videos will screen at the festival & the winner will receive all access pass to the festival. Deadline– October 29th– so hurry! Click here for more info

PARIAH | 2007, USA, 35 mm, color TRT 28

Dir. Dee Rees | producer Nekisa Cooper (QBC PREMIERE)

Award winning filmmakers will be in attendance!

A lesbian teenager unsuccessfully juggles multiple identities to avoid rejection from her friends and family. Mounting pressure from home, school, and within wears the line between her personas thin with explosive consequences.

Presented by The “Dare To Be You!” Project & The QBC’s Queer Youth Cinema Conference program



EBONY CHUNKY LOVE: Bitch Can’t Get A Date| 2007, USA, Video, color TRT 75

Dir. Lonnie Tristan Renteria | Keith Price

Ask Keith Price how he is, and you can bet he’ll answer “Fabulous!” a term which also describes his one-man show. In Ebony Chunky Love, the NYC-based stand-up comic and Sirius OUT Q radio personality recounts his attempts to find success on the comedy circuit, his experiences as a person of color growing up gay in Texas, and his adventures in dating in the big city. Combining Keith’s act, interviews, and cultural analysis, Ebony Chunky Love offers a funny and intelligent commentary on issues of class, race, and body image in the gay community.

Music Video: I Think I’m Falling in Love dir. Kalup Linzy & Jesse O | 2006, USA, TRT 4.30

Featuring Jesse O


(5:30 PM)

U PEOPLE | 2007, USA, Video, color TRT 76

Dir. Hanifah Walidah | Olive Demetrius

One spring weekend, 30 women and transmen of color, gay and straight, gathered at a brownstone in Brooklyn to film a music video celebrating black women’s lives – and as that music video was being made, another camera recorded footage of the cast and crew. But this is no simple behind the scenes video – instead, U People captures candid and thought-provoking discussions of race, gender, and sexuality spurred on by the music video’s themes and by the intelligent, talented, and beautiful people who joined together to create it – people who are too often marginalized in front of and behind the camera. The result is an empowering and illuminating reminder of the power of community.

Films/Music Video:

Ma Rainey’s Lesbian Licks dir. Robert Philipson 2006, USA, TRT 4min.

Make a Movie dir. Hanifah Walidah | 2006, USA, TRT 5min. 25 sec.

This program is a part of the QBC DVD Series. Learn what new Black LGBT theme film is new out on DVD

Sat | 6:30 PM—7:30 PM/$6



Sun | 7 PM — 8 PM

Screening room 2

QBC After Dark Screening Special

CROSSING Producer: Ignacio Rivera

HONEY FLOWS written & performed by Renair Amin Multi-media piece edited by Angel L. Brown

Honey Flows is an erotica poem about the longing and lusting love of a lesbian woman wanting to make love to her partner. Throughout the poem you hear her beg for the “honey” and reminisce about what she did, how she did it and what she’s going to do if she get’s the “honey.”

This program is brought to you by the Just Be YOU|SAFE|FREE Black Gay Erotica Poetry & Film Competition on HIV/AIDS Awareness/prevention

NOTE: *Online Pre-order only— No tickets will be sold at the door . Adult content. You must be 21 and older to enter. ID will be Check. Seats are limited. Special Freak & Treat bags (while supplies last)


(7 PM) Screening room 1

Festival Centerpiece 2

TRUTH HALL | 2008, USA, Video, color TRT 88

dir. Jaden Janise Dixon

College friends reunite for their best friends’ wedding, only to discover that the lies of their past are about to collide with the truths of their present.

Short Film

Seen But Not Heard dir. Cyrille Phipps

a short documentary that will explore the historical antecedents, current trends, and emerging activism concerning HIV/AIDS and women of African decent. Through raw and revealing personal accounts and comprehensive investigative journalism, Seen, But Not Heard seeks to challenge, inform, and inspire viewers to look past the daunting HIV/AIDS statistics – to see and hear the real stories of women of color whose lives are affected by HIV/AIDS

Presented by QBC Just Be YOU|SAFE|FREE HIV/AIDS awareness/prevention program

FREE SAFER SEX KITS provided by GMHC’s Lesbian AIDS project


QBC REELTALK Filmmakers Brunch (11—1 PM)

TOPIC: COLOR ADJUSTMENTS— Do Black filmmakers have to adjust their subjects/characters

race in order to appeal to a broader audience and get picked up by a distributor or does it matter ?

Intimate discussion w/ filmmakers and special invited guest with getting their film to the masses. We will also explore network ratings, marketing, distribution deals, theatrical releases and real talk suggestions on producing your indie film .

NOTE: *Online Ticket Sales only—No Ticket will be sold at the door $8


1PM—2:30 PM/$10

QBC First Works Showcase | (NEW YORK PREMIERE)

THE LOVERS & FRIENDS SHOW 2008, USA, Video, color TRT 60

Dir. Charmaine Johnson | Multimedia Director : Kay Greene | Assistant Director: Christy Rodriguez

The Lovers & Friends Show is a new urban web based lesbian show that is set to debut January 1st 2008. The show will focus on four main characters and their life experiences as a Lesbian from an ethnic background living in today’s society. The six main characters, Tori, Kai, Lisa, Dre, Mercedes & Yasmin each have a story to tell and the plot lines will deal with such subject matters as coming out, infidelity, masculine and feminine roles, domestic abuse, drugs, and violence, sexually transmitted diseases, adoption, and many more issues facing today’s GLBT community. Though most of the main characters will be African American or Hispanic Lesbians , the series will include characters of all shapes sizes, races, gender and sexual orientation

Music Video: Do You Mind 2008, USA, HD Video, TRT. 4min. 30 sec. | Dir. Alsli Dukan

(3 PM)

Closing Night Film Gala (NEW YORK PREMIERE)

FRIENDS & LOVERS (SKI TRIP 2) 2008, USA, Video, color TRT

dir. Maurice Jamal

A comedy drama about three very different couples living in Los Angeles trying to make theirs lives complete. Finding love, relationships and struggling to survive in the crazy world of Angelino’s. A funny look at how people in the city are and how things just get in the way.

Live taping of One on One w/QBC Talk Show Guest– Maurice Jamal & Cast

Special Announcement from Maurice Jamal

This gala includes the Closing party & Music Concert but you must present your ticket stub/festival badge to reenter. No exceptions! | $10 to enter Closing Party/Concert


Closing Party/Music Concert (6—11 PM)

Music Video screening presentation

Music Concert @ 9 PM featuring DJ Double D VIM graphic designer & Former DJ bring you a HOT mix

Concert includes: Steph, The Sapphic Songstress | Substantial | Imani Uzuri | plus more special surprise guests

You can check them out on http://www. imeem. com/qbcmusic and purchase their albums online & at the concert! $15

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