Substantial’s Highly Anticipated Video For “My Favorite Things” (Featuring ME!!) Is HERE!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am so proud to announce the unveiling of Substantial‘s groundbreaking video for his third and final single off of his critically-acclaimed LP, Sacrifice“My Favorite Things” – featuring your favorite Sapphic Songstress on the vocals!

We had so much fun taping this video, and it truly shows. The song is Stan’s most popular to date, and I’m so blessed that he gave me the opportunity to work with him on this project.

This video has many cameos, including Baltimore’s own JSoul, Atomic Goofball, Dr. Richie Kimble, DJ PDrama, Rei21, Sime, as well as the song’s producer, Definition (playing the drums). This is a video you don’t want to pass up on! The last video, “It’s You (I Think)”, made it onto 3 MTV channels! Let’s get this one on the airwaves, too!

If you have the time today, give props to Substantial and the video’s director, Matt Hobbs, and also feel free to leave me comments pertaining to the video.

Anyway, One Love and Many Blessings to you all! Enjoy!


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