NEW SINGLE: “Gettin’ Grown & Sexy” Available Now

Click here to download this single


Fresh from the mixing room is the lead-off single from my upcoming album, The SapphicSoul EP – “Gettin’ Grown & Sexy” (produced by Algorythm); this song is an ode to the women that work hard every day, and still find the time to play just as hard. This is no disrespect to the men, in fact I could be helping you out in many ways, if you know what I mean. 😉
THERE IS A BONUS! Download this single and get another hot summer joint to bump in your system: “Turning”, featuring George Reefah, Steph L.V., and Tough Dumplin (produced by S.M.O.G. Evolution)!
I’m giving you the goods here, for FREE! Take advantage, grab you a copy, and share as much as you like…I encourage it! 🙂

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