[NEWS] Upcoming Bop Alloy Album Cover Revealed

Click on photos to view enlarged versions of the album cover

I found out about the news this past weekend, although usually I’m pretty much one of the first people to hear about anything that has ANYTHING to do with Substantial (but then again, “mums” is usually the word). A good reason why I didn’t get this announcement beforehand is because Stan is currently in Japan helping to celebrate the life of legendary Japanese hip hop producer Seba Jun aka Nujabes.

I will say this: I was informed about the album cover’s dopeness – Bop Alloy‘s album cover, that is – and that it was nothin’ to play with. I know quite a bit of inside stuff, but let’s keep it brief here, shall we?

Since Bop Alloy is a name describing the kind of music Substantial and Marcus D are creating – a hip hop and jazz fusion – they wanted the album to reflect that. The photos you see above show a sketch of an android, if you will, with various elements that illustrate what I just mentioned. Let me just say that it took many months of planning and rough drafts to get to this point, but everyone involved is very pleased with the end result – including me! Please click on the photos above to view larger versions of the album and all its glory.

So, until the offical album drops – which will be soon – for now, feast your eyes on this gorgeous creature!

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