[SINGLE] Mr. SOS – “Summertime In The A” (feat. Mighty High Coup)

Click on the album cover above to listen to “Summertime In The A”

From the upcoming album Cassette Verite (which features yours truly on the album – peep the tracklist below) comes another single from the QN5 ATLien Mr. SOS entitled “Summertime In The A” featuring fellow Might High Coup members A-Bomb and Ricky Raw.

This is a nice tune to groove to when the fan is on blast in your room and the temperature is above 90 degrees, or when you’re out at a family cookout in the park flippin’ burgers and franks with your “#1 Chef” apron on…at least that’s how I see it.

Enjoy the track and check out the Cassette Verite tracklisting below.

And P.S. – The 2011 QN5 Megashow is 10 days away!!! I’ll see you there! 🙂



1. The Precursor [Produced by Ricky Raw]
2. Some Antics [Produced by Ricky Raw]
3. Can’t Help Myself [Produced by Tonedeff]
4. Playa Hata Hotline [Produced by Deacon The Villain]
5. Redefining Mood (featuring Kokayi & Substantial) [Produced by Abeo Rzo]
6. Auration [Produced by Algorythm]
7. The Essence [Produced by Wes Green]
8. Night Fades [Produced by Marcus D.]
9. Tired Of Living (featuring Steph) [Produced by Deacon The Villain]
10. Soundtrack (featuring Tonedeff) [Produced by Tonedeff]


11. I Told You (Nonsense) [Produced by Tonedeff]
12. Listen [Produced by Ricky Raw]
13. Mad Cowbell Disease [Produced by Tonedeff]
14. O! (featuring PackFM & Homeboy Sandman) [Produced by S.2]
15. My Machine [Produced by Ricky Raw]
16. Bussin [Produced by Ricky Raw]
17. Summertime In The A (featuring Mighty High Coup) [Produced by Wes Green]
[BONUS] To You For Myself [Produced by Kno]

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