Previously Released Singles From “The SapphicSoul EP” Now On YouTube

It was only a matter of time before this would happen. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the previously released singles off my upcoming debut album The SapphicSoul EP are now on YouTube! I want as many people as possible to know who I am and what my sound is, and you can help by subscribing to my YouTube channel and spreading the word. Simply click here or on the image above and click on “Subscribe”…nothing to it!

And after you’re done listening to my songs, head over to my Bandcamp page or my Facebook Music page to download my singles. SPECIAL OFFER: If you download my latest single “The Warm-Up” (feat. Substantial) from now until April 2, 2012 (the day before the album drops), you’ll receive 30% off your purchase of The SapphicSoul EP when it officially drops on April 3, 2012 digitally. With an offer like that, there’s no way you can lose!

So here are the steps: Listen, Love, Download, Win, Smile…so easy. 🙂

Gettin’ Grown & Sexy:

Runnin’ (feat. 4Phor):

The Warm-Up (feat. Substantial):

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