[MIXTAPE] KIN4LIFE – Welcome To Planet Noriq Vol. 3: Smokers Edition

So, I literally just landed in NYC after having a BLAST in Chicago! CHI-TOWN WHAT IT DO!!!!!! Thank you for embracing me and my brothers Bop Alloy…we’ll be back. 😉

Now…even though I’m not a smoker, I’ll do this for all my smoking fans across the land, because today marks the highest of all days of the year. That’s right, folks…it’s 4/20!

So, y’all can’t light up properly without a soundtrack to vibe to, and I have the perfect one for you, courtesy of my homegirls Nor and IQ aka KIN4LIFE. Check out their latest release Welcome To Planet Noriq Vol. 3: Smokers Edition by clicking on the photo above. Afterwards, you can download it for FREE. You can also check them out on my debut album The SapphicSoul EP (“What I Can See”), available now at Bandcamp: http://sapphicsteph.bandcamp.com

Thank me by putting one in the air!
P.S.I hope you don’t get high enough to forget to donate to my SapphicSoul EP IndieGoGo Campaign. Donate today and receive an awesome gift…sorry, not a bag of weed… http://www.indiegogo.com/sapphicsoulepcd

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