“Virtual Jesus” (Produced by Peter Anthony Red)

I know fans have been wondering when I was going to come out with another single – I mean, it’s only been nearly two years since I put out some new solo material. Well, it must be true when they say, “Patience is a virtue”, because the wait is finally over!

I purposely took my time in order to find the right sound and the right single for my next EP, which will be entitled Songs About V. I finally recorded this track, “Virtual Jesus” – and for those who have the question nagging in their mind, yes, this is a re-vamp of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” (I’ll explain in another entry why I specifically picked this song).

Beautifully produced by none other than Peter Anthony Red (who will also be the Co-Executive Producer of the EP itself), this updated cover talks about sharing secret “confessions” in a digital age with a trusted friend/confidant/lover/client…whatever. The darker – or kinkier – the secret, the better. On a larger scale, this is merely a piece of a complex narration that will be explained in Songs About V.

For now, enjoy this tasty treat!

P.S. – Happy birthday to my nephew, Aaron! I love you so much. 🙂

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