I need a response from the experienced sneakerheads here. I’m pretty sure that these are an Easter egg find – the price was even more amazing! Here’s a honest and candid fact about me: I didn’t buy my first pair of Jordans until I was 26. I bought a pair of Jordans 1s on Jamaica Ave. and wore them until they were beat to Hell. Ten years later, I have my second pair, the Jordan 4 Spikes – or at least that’s what I call them. I’m still looking for some Jordan 3s for a nice price, but these will do. @substantialmusic and @osd_paperchasr I need your commentary and insight. Either way, I love these for so many reasons – the color, the design, #TinkerHatfield, #SpikeLee, the list goes on. These are spring and summer ready! ❤ #Jordans #Four Nike #BrooklynAllDay #newyork #nyc #SneakerLove #Hype

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