This Week On #WhateverWednesday Hosted By Stephanie Gayle: (Ep. 6) Marvin Gaye

Hey Everyone,

So, many of you know now that I host a weekly livestream on my Facebook page called “#WhateverWednesday Hosted By Stephanie Gayle”. Basically, what I do is combine my love of music and singing and put it into a livestream, highlighting a particular artist and their music that week. So far, I have performed music by Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Luther Vandross, Jill Scott, and most recently, Erykah Badu.

This week, you the fans have decided that I should cover the music of Marvin Gaye – a legend in my hometown of the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) and the world over. Marvin’s sultry voice and politically-charged content will surely make your Hump Day a little more interesting.

Join me tomorrow at 2pm as I perform LIVE from my home studio. In between songs, let’s chat! You can ask me questions or just comment on how much fun you’re having; either way, join me and let’s have a great time!

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