UPDATE: #WhateverWednesday Is Now #SapphicSaturday

After I conducted a poll with all my fans on social media recently, I have decided to move my Wednesday afternoon livestream to Saturday afternoon. This should be a great change for the better, since more fans will be able to tune in and be a part of the fun. I’m looking forward to seeing more of you participating in the action!

This Week…

I will be performing music from one of my favorite contemporary R&B singers: Miguel. If you don’t know anything about his music, simply know that it is more than worth checking out. Not only has he written for countless other artists like Usher, Alicia Keys, and many more since he was in his early teens, he has generated an amazing solo career of his own. I love his free spirit and unique flare, and that’s what I’m going to embody when I take on his songs on Saturday.

Tune in on Saturday (Oct. 12) at noon on Facebook Live for the very first “#SapphicSaturday Hosted By Stephanie Gayle”. See you there!

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