[NEW SINGLE] “Reconsider (feat. The Lyrics)”


Last week on Instagram, I promised my fans that I would release a new single if they helped the “Vulnerable” music video reach 1,000 views on YouTube…and you all made it happen! So, now I’m keeping my promise by releasing a single I wasn’t going to release just yet, initially. But, then I thought, “…this track is too hot to sit on.”

So, here it is! Fresh out of the kitchen is a new track entitled “Reconsider”, featuring Bronx Bomber native The Lyrics (IG: @lyrics156). This is a heavy-hitter produced by yours truly, and it’s guaranteed to liven up your long stint in self-isolation.

Listen to the track above, and then leave a comment on my Bandcamp page and let the world know how much you really love this single.

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