[REACTION VIDEO] “Ya Gay Aunites” Podcast Picks Stephanie Gayle As A Spotlight Gem, Hosts React To “Vulnerable” Video & Song

“Ya Gay Aunties” hosts Hanifah Walidah and Red Summer weigh in on the video and single, “Vulnerable”, from Stephanie Gayle’s 2019 debut LP, Songs About V.

On Episode 93 of “Ya Gay Aunties” Podcast, Hanifah Walidah picked Singer/Songwriter/Producer Stephanie Gayle as her Spotlight Gem. In the video, the host showcases the video and single “Vulnerable”, from Stephanie’s 2019 debut LP, Songs About V. Walidah and co-host, Red Summer, react and weigh in.

To watch the full episode of the podcast, click here: https://youtu.be/LguwrdxmbbE

Follow Ya Gay Aunties here: http://yagayaunties.com/

Find everything on Stephanie Gayle here: http://linktr.ee/SapphicSteph

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