[EVENTS] Sunday 10/23, Randumb Thoughtz Ep. 3-18 / Interview on “Pain To Power” with Marya Kazmi (Brown Girl Interrupting)

Get ready for a Sunday full of fun and entertainment…and me…plenty of me. Set the reminders on your calendars, because you won’t want to miss either of these events. Here’s what’s coming up:

Randumb Thoughtz Talk Series, Episode 3-18: “The Truth About Different Relationship Types” Going Live This Sunday 10/23, at 3PM EDT / Noon PDT

If you missed last week’s episode, Ep. 3-17: “Breaking Down The MGTOW Phenomenon”, it was one for the books. We had special guest Miles Cunningham on the show and he brought the controversy, as usual. There was a point where he and I had a lengthy heated exchange (I locked horns with a few people that day, lol). Needless to say, it was a lively and entertaining show, and we had our first mini-viral moment, grabbing over 1.8K views between our official YouTube channel and The Ranters Union channel – we’ve never had that many eyes on us before, and we will continue to surpass that number many times over.

Randumb Thoughtz Talk Series – hosted by The LyricsA.D.V.I.S.S.Eric Ramos, and yours truly – airs on Sundays at 3PM EDT / Noon PDT on YouTube, Facebook, and TwitchClick here to subscribe or follow our social media profiles.

An Interview With Stephanie Gayle On “Pain To Power”, Hosted By Marya Kazmi (IG: @BrownGirlInterrupting)

Tune in for my interview on “Pain To Power”, hosted by the amazing Marya Kazmi aka @browngirlinterrupting this Sunday, 10/23, at 9PM EDT / 6PM PDT on The Ranters Union YouTube channel.

“Pain To Power” is a live talk show that focuses on the stories of people who have overcome trauma and tribulations to find their true paths and purpose in life. I will be sharing my ongoing journey with Marya and the rest of you – who know, you may even learn something new about me!

It would be great to look at some familiar names in the chat section – I’ll see you Sunday night at 9!

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