Substantial’s Video “It’s You (I Think)” To Air On MTV2′s “Sucker Free” Show (And I’m In It!)

Words cannot express how excited I am to announce this tidbit of news.

Ladies and gentlemen: My big brother and Maryland’s favorite MC Substantial will be on MTV2’s Sucker Free show with his latest video, “It’s You (I Think)” – a WORLD broadcast premiere! This is a first for the independent label, QN5 Music, and surely it will not be the last; there’s just too much great up-and-coming talent on this team!

And guess what…for those who didn’t read or view my previous blog on the Substantial video, know that I made a cameo appearance in the video. So that means I’ll be on MTV2, too!

It’s You (I Think)” will be aired on May 27, 28, and 29 at 4:30pm and 8pm each day. If you love the video afterwards (which you will, I’m sure of it!), then please write to MTV2 and let them know how you feel!! Here’s how:


If you want to congratulate Substantial and QN5 Music for achieving this milestone (because they’ve been fighting for YEARS to get noticed), either click on the photo above, or click on the “QN5 Music” link in the Links section of my website.

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