Photos From The 2009 QN5 Megashow At Highline Ballroom, NYC

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Click on the photo above to view more photos from the 2009 QN5 Megashow

For those that attended the QN5 Megashow at New York’s Highline Ballroom on August 7, 2009, I, as well as the QN5 clan, hoped you enjoyed your buns off (I’m sure you did!). For those that missed it…well, you’re gonna have to settle with these photos – which are great – but, you’re just gonna have to wait until next year for the amazing live experience.

These awesome photos were taken by Darren Nanos of JustAVisual Studio. What’s so great about these photos is that they capture the energy that was permeating throughout the night. I think everyone felt it (except that frantic and pissy stage manager at Highline); it was definitely a night to remember for many of the people that came by to support this New Hip Hop Movement.

Personally, it was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I was with like-minded individuals that showed so much love. The crowd was absolutely AMAZING! I felt so free on that stage…your love truly lifted me that evening.

Anyway, thank you from pit of my very soul, and enjoy the photos.


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