Interview With Steph In QN5 Fanzine #4 (FREE To Own)

Click here to download the QN5 Fanzine #4 with Steph's interview

My bad, y’all, I’m soooo late with this one…well, I’m busy! The SapphicSoul EP is coming atcha soon and I’m on that! Forgive me. 🙂

The faithful fans of QN5 Music put together a free fanzine about their favorite artists for the rest of the world to read about. Fanzine Co-contributor Zack Edwards aka “Houstonz” came to me and asked to interview me about my future plans – and I happily accepted.

There’s so much jam-packed into this FREE fanzine besides my segment, that it would be a sin NOT to at least take a look! Check it out and drop me a line here. Again, you’ll learn some new things about me that you never knew (ex: how I met and befriended frequent collaborator Substantial).

Pick it up! You won’t be disappointed. Shotout to the ENTIRE QN5 Staff!

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