[LEAKED RELEASE] “Runnin’ (Raw-Pressed Version)” Feat. 4Phor (From The Upcoming EP “The SapphicSoul EP”)

[Click on photo to hear and download single]

What’s good, fam! I just want to take a few minutes out to discuss the concept behind my upcoming album, The SapphicSoul EP. Well first off, it’s going to be a FREE download, of course, for all the world to enjoy! But, it won’t be your typical “Oh, I’m just gonna throw my leftover tracks on this one” EP – no, this will contain 9 ALL NEW tracks from yours truly (did I mention that there might be a BONUS TRACK included for the QN5 fans…? But, that’s just a rumor, heheheh… ).

All 9 songs are produced by DMV’s finest, Algorythm, and features the likes of Substantial, 4Phor, Purple Haze, Tough Dumplin, George Reefah, Toby (of Inverse), and many more! I have a few surprises up my sleeve, so don’t sleep on this EP!

The SapphicSoul EP is set to be released early next year, so be on the lookout. For now, here is an EXCLUSIVE to hold you down for a while – a “raw” release of one of the singles off the upcoming EP – “Runnin'” feat. 4Phor. Enjoy, and pass it around…one.


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