[VIDEO] Gods’Illa – “Got Y’all” (Debut Video)

Every now and then, I post an entry in support of people I know that are immersed in this music venture like myself. Today, I bring to you some cats that I’ve known for a while now, and they’re on the come-up. Representing the DMV, I bring to you…Gods’Illa!

Gods’Illa is comprised of three blood brothers – Ace, Truth Allah, and Powerful. They are Five Percenters that preach their teachings through Hip Hop, but it’s definitely a groove you can move to. “Got Y’all” (produced by DMV’s own, Joe D.), the latest single off of their EP, The Pre-Lease, is a taste of what they bring to the table of this Hip Hop game. Check out their debut video for this single, featuring cameos from some of DMV’s finest.

If you can’t believe in Wale (I tried…), believe in these brothas. Peace.

LISTEN TO and DOWLOAD Gods’Illa’s “The Pre-Lease” by clicking on the photo below.

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