[NEW RELEASE] 4Phor – “Music & Me” FREE Mixtape

Once again, I’m introducing you to another act I think you should pay attention to. His name: 4Phor of the Boogie Down BX (The Bronx if you haven’t caught up yet). You may remember him from my recently leaked, raw-pressed release of “Runnin'”. He was the perfect touch for my track, and now you can hear more of what he’s about on his latest FREE – can’t stress it more – FREE mixtape entitled Music & Me.

On this album, he reveals all sides of his personality – pain, passion, growth, rawness, and plenty of humor – to get you through your rough work week. Believe me…he understands. His style is unorthodox, but the content is dense. Curious yet? Download a copy of his mixtape here, or click on the photo above. Vibe to it, embrace it, and most importantly, enjoy and repeat it. Posting this is the least I can do for this man, he shouts out DMV any chance he gets…that’s real, y’all. One!

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