[NEW RELEASE] Up And Up Presents…Gods’Illa: The Album


So you heard The Pre-Lease EP (if not, simply click here)…impressive, right? And that was just a taste of Gods’Illa‘s lyrical talent. Now comes the big kahuna…Up And Up Presents…Gods’Illa: The Album – their debut album.

Once again, I bring to you the three blood brothers out of the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia area) – Ace, Truth, and Powerful. I’ve been holding on to this album for a minute, but I didn’t get to do a blog write-up because I’ve been working on my own soon-to-be-released project, The SapphicSoul EP. Believe me, purchasing this album will literally save your life! The buzz is already quickly generating, and I want to continue to add to it, because they truly deserve it.

You don’t wanna take my word for it? Then listen to their entire album on the music player above, then click on the album cover above that to purchase Gods’Illa’s LP.

You will not be disappointed…I guarantee it.


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