KIN Featured On PBS’ “In The Life” Series

Without a doubt considered the most popular LGBT Hip Hop group in the States – and quite possibly the world – KIN (or KIN4LIFE) has been making a name for themselves since early 2000. Ever since, they’ve been making history in every arena of the industry (first lesbian artists featured on So it’s no surprise that PBS would take notice and throw them on their documentary series “In The Life” (along with NY’s premiere gay male MC, Shorty Roc).

The episode discusses myths and stereotypes shattered by different organizations and artists in the music industry. If you have a half hour to spare, please check out this episode.

I said I would always feature artists that I’m affiliated with, so while I’m putting the finishing touches on my upcoming album, The SapphicSoul EP – in which KIN is featured on – vibe with my folk ya dig!

View “In The Life” Episode Here:

ADDED BONUS: Watch “Make Up Girl”, the debut video for their EP, I LOVE KIN4LIFE available now.


  1. Wow I’ve never heard of this duo but that’s big news for them. I had no idea that they’d been featured on

    There’s so much animosity towards the gay community in Hip-Hop that this is refreshing to see.

    1. Yeah, Hip Hop is an extremely homophobic and misogynist industry, even on the underground tip. If you watch the episode of “In The Life” by clicking the photo above, they actually tell a couple stories regarding those issues and their experiences with them. I’m truly proud of these girls for making a lane for themselves and for executing their careers with a standard of professionalism and talent I rarely witness in the LGBT community. I definitely wanna help carry that torch, because there are talented gay and lesbian artists around, but they’re silenced by fear or past disappointments.

      But, I’m glad you were able to discover something new on this website, and you enjoyed it. Keep in touch and have a blessed day.

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