[FREE DOWNLOAD] The Stuyvesants – “Brooklyn’s Finest”

The Stuyvesants

So, as I stated in my previous entries, I have been putting a spotlight on folks that I’m affiliated with, most recently people that are a part of my upcoming album entitled The SapphicSoul EP. I felt it would be fitting to talk about the dude behind the scenes this time around; that man would be none other than production extroadinaire Algorythm.

If you don’t know about his resume, you should check out his website Algorythmusic.com. For now, I’ll give you a synopsis of his past collaborations. He’s worked with Substantial, Tonedeff, PackFM, Tanya Morgan, Naturel, Fresh Daily, Skyzoo, rnb, and many others. Al’s also a gifted graphic designer, so you should check out his artwork on AllanCole.com.

The funny thing about our story is that we went to the same high school (he was a grade behind me) and focused on Fine Arts, went to the same college and received degrees in Fine Arts, but we both ended up making music in the end – and it’s only now that our interests have converged. I truly respect this man’s work, and this EP is a way to show that.

Currently, he’s promoting his collaborative work with Darien Victor Birks; together they form the graphic design and production team The Stuyvesants. Their debut album, Brooklyn’s Finest, is available above to listen to and download for FREE. Vibe to it – and love it – because I know you will.

Get to know this dude Algorythm – he’s the future.

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