[DESIGN] Meet Chanel Kennebrew Of Junkprints.com

Chanel at her Junkprints studio

As I write more entries into this blog of mine, I realize that it shouldn’t be solely about my music and what I do, but about the interesting people I meet along the path that is my life. I initially treated this blog like a website, which it still is in some respects; however, in this section – which is the meat of it all – I’m taking the opportunity to share more of my world, the portion you don’t see often. So, allow me to introduce you to another one of my dear friends in my circle, Chanel Kennebrew and her fabulous junk!

I met Chanel in 2005 when she moved to New York, ironically, at the house I would later move into (Crystal House if you were curious). It’s amazing that we’ve kept in touch ever since…admittedly, I’m an introvert that sometimes has trouble keeping in touch with the people I meet. But the Most High made it so we’d keep in touch over the next 5 years. It’s remarkable to see how far her work has come from that point and I’m thankful I’m so close to the action.

Why is Chanel so dope, you ask? She works in several media, including photography, illustration, graphic and apparel design. Junkprints, her handmade clothing and accessories company she started solo about 3 years ago, brings all of her talents together. She has created a colorful line of handbags, travel size bags, skirts, hoodies, necklaces, and much more. To witness her pour passion into the work she creates is a treat. You can see her influences from the many regions she’s lived in – California (Inglewood is where she was born), Colorado, Toronto, and New York City – if you take the time to break it all down. And why wouldn’t you love her? Her appreciation for music is stamped all over her work.

But don’t take it all from me! Check out more of Chanel Kennebrew and her work on her website http://junkprints.com.

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