[MUSIC VIDEO] Gods’Illa – Glaciers/Glaciers II

Gods’Illa is back again!

From their debut album Up And Up Presents…Gods’Illa: The Album comes the first official video for the single, “Glaciers“, along with the remix, “Glaciers II“. Let me also mention that this banger was produced by the mighty Joe D. (who is also featured on the song and video). If you want to hear Gods’Illa’s album in its entirety, go back to my previous post on this site, or check out their Bandcamp page: http://godsilla.bandcamp.com. Don’t forget to support (especially my DMV folks) by purchasing the album.

On another note, my computer is finally up and running (as Substantial would say, “Hi five for JESUS!”), so I am officially back in full swing! Be sure to keep an eye out for more news and music right here.

Oh…and let me also mention that my new video blog is on the way. Spread the word and artists, producers, and industry heads get at me! In the meantime, enjoy the holidays, and have an awesome New Year!

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