Recap Of Nujabes Tribute Show “Peaceland: A World Without Words”

What’s poppin’ gang,

I have to say that the experience I had at Nujabes‘ benefit, “Peaceland: A World Without Words” was one for the books. The energy from all the participants was truly amazing, and they definitely helped the performers step their game up. The presence of Nujabes was most certainly felt on that special night.

A special thanks goes out to Bobby McKey’s for providing the space for us, and to Ashton Kutcher’s restaurant Ketchup for providing us with really great food and drinks. A special thanks goes out to Emancipator, Marcus D, Truth (of Gods’Illa), Asu Rock, Pace Rock, and most importantly Substantial, for embracing me and allowing me to bless this important event with my talents. Please, if you have the time, check out the video clips below that were shot during Bop Alloy‘s performance, or go to YouTube and see all the video clips taken at the show.

Also, purchase Bop Alloy’s debut album featuring me here:

“Jazzmatic” (produced by Marcus D)

“Hikari” (produced by Nujabes)

“If I Was Your Mic” (produced by Nujabes)

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