Naturel And The Crown Museum

Yes, I understand this is a little late, but I feel like not enough people out there know enough about my man and emcee Naturel and his movement called The Crown Museum.

If anyone knows anything about Lawrence “Naturel” Antoigue, you already know that he lives and breathes music and art, and he breathes them both with little effort. With the release of his debut album Momentous, he fused both worlds seamlessly, overseeing the musical landscape of the album and directly designing the artwork for every track. With help from The Curators, which includes Esteban Serrano (Co-Executive Producer and Manager), Kathryn Serrano, Producers Illmind, Symbolyc One, Dilemma, The Stuyvesants, and many others, he has been able to create something that completely embraces everything that he is without any comprimises.

Whenever you have time in your schedule, check out Naturel and The Crown Museum’s work. I’m certain you will be thoroughly surprised and impressed; I’m also certain it will turn you into an instant fan.

Click on each cover below to listen to their corresponding track, or click on the album cover to listen to the entire album.

Check out Naturel’s Official Website here:

Also check out:











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