[UPDATE] Mr. SOS Now A Featured Artist On “The SapphicSoul EP”

While I’m in the midst of putting finishing touches on my debut album, The SapphicSoul EP, allow me to boost your Mundane Monday with this exciting news.

Yes, you read the heading correctly: longtime frequent collaborator and friend Mr. SOS is officially making an appearance on my EP! And why not? His lyrical prowess on any given subject is unmatched, and basically…he owes me one… 🙂 No, seriously, it’s beyond an honor to have him on my album, which simply goes to show how serious I am about having top quality artists on this project.

Now for those who have not kept up with my previous collaborative work with him, let me bring you up to speed. In 2009, I made two appearances on Mr. SOS’ debut album How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb through the songs “The Balance” and “Time Capsule”. Then, I popped up on his 2011 mixtape Cassette Verite on the song “Tired Of Living”. With this EP I’ve been working on, I realized that there was a song on it that was perfect for his kind of skill, and so I sent it to him and he happily accepted…thank goodness!

With Mr. SOS now on The SapphicSoul EP with a host of other elite artists such as Substantial, 4Phor, KIN4LIFE, Javier Starks, and many others, there’s no denying that this album is going to be special. Brace yourselves, everyone…it’s going to be an awesome ride!


Oh! P.S. – You still have a chance to download the latest single off The SapphicSoul EP entitled “The Warm-Up” (feat. Substantial) so you can get 30% off the purchase of my album when it drops digitally on April 3, 2012. Take advantage! This is a limited time offer!

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