[VLOG SERIES] “Conversations with Stephanie Gayle (Ep. 2): My Gender & Sexual Identity

What’s going on here? Is that Stephanie in a Luther Vandross leather jacket looking like the re-shoot of the “Never Too Much” album cover? Noooooo! It’s another episode of “Conversations with Stephanie Gayle” (I know, your thoughts went like that, too.)

In this second episode, I talk about my gender and sexual identity, and how I address the issue – in its many forms – on a daily basis. It’s crazy how differently it plays out day-to-day – from acceptance to flat-out disbelief and ignorance – there’s a lesson in every encounter. Here’s a chance for you to understand how I view things from my perspective.

Check it out, leave a question or comment, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for immediate updates.

Video Director and Lead Editor: Eric Ramos (IG: @clever_android)
Video Assistant and Producer: Ramon Abreu

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