[GRAND OPENING] The New Merch Store At StephanieGayleMerch.com (aka The “Shop” Tab In The Menu) Is Officially Open To The Public

During this long global pause, I made the decision early on to use my time wisely and update some areas in my music business. One place I really wanted to focus on was my merchandise shop, whose home base was on Bandcamp. Though I offered a decent selection of items, I wanted to offer more, and the website options – as well as my budget – hindered me from doing that. i did some research and discovered that Shopify addressed everything on my wish list.

So today, I am proud to announce the grand opening of Stephanie Gayle Music Merch.

What’s new about this updated shop? In so many words, so much! In the Bandcamp shop, you were able to purchase my music, the classic logo t-shirts, and some basic bundle packages. The new store offers not only the classic tees, but hoodies, baseball tees, bomber jackets, caps, a variety of accessories, and of course music – physical and digital formats. Besides the Signature line, we also offer the #Vulnerable, #Reconsider, Eric Ramos Photography lines, and a limited edition Pride 2020 line of clothing, all connecting back to the music you love from yours truly.

Go to StephanieGayleMerch.com or click the “Shop” button in the menu on the top of the screen. Look around and find something I’m sure you’ll fall in love with. Make a purchase by June 30, 2020 and save 10% on your purchase at checkout. Leave a comment below this post and let me know what you like about the store.

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